NEW! Recall Crisis Recovery PLUS

NEW! Recall Crisis Recovery PLUS

Essential Coverage for Manufacturers of Any Size

All Manufactured Consumer Goods Considered Under This Program

 Including Food and Beverage!

A manufacturing facility can be challenged with a recall, government ban or adverse publicity event at any moment. Recent legislation and stricter regulations may result in a costly recall experience even for the most cautious manufacturer. The recovery process is expensive, time consuming and without the proper coverage or resources it can be devastating for a company to be featured in daily headlines.

Recall Crisis Recovery Plus has been developed by PLIS, Inc. to provide unique coverages for manufacturers in all industries. RCR PLUS reimburses for revenue loss, rehabilitation and related recall expenses PLUS Contains New Coverage Options Including Government Ban/Seizure, Adverse Publicity and Counterfeit Products Coverage! In addition, Crisis management assistance for this policy plays an important role in preventing and managing recall events. Their extensive knowledge and expertise in various pathogens, ever-changing regulations and business recovery methods are crucial when dealing with government authorities and the media.  Obtain essential coverage and gain a valuable crisis management resource to assist anytime throughout the policy period! Call our Underwriting Facility at 1-800-761-7547 to learn more!

Coverage Features:

  • Malicious & Accidental Contamination
  • Product Extortion
  • Reimbursement for the following:

–   Loss of Revenues
–   Pre-recall Expenses
–   Recall Expense
–   Rehabilitation Expenses
–   Insured’s Customer’s Loss of Profits

BRAND NEW PLUS Coverage Sublimit Options (available for additional premium):

  • Governmental Ban or Seizure
  • Adverse Publicity
  • Counterfeit Products
  • Long Term Agreement Endorsement
  • Inoculations, Vaccinations & Testing (consumers & employees)

Crisis Management Services Included from Specialty Risk Management, Inc.:

• 24/7 Live Recall Event/Contamination Expertise

• Assistance with the Following:

–  First Signs of Error in Manufacturing

–  Physical, Chemical & Biological/Pathogen Contamination

–  Decision Making, Data Collection & Regulatory Insight

–  Government Response & Ongoing Government Requirements

–  Executing a Recall & Preparing for Inspections

–  Media Analysis & Media Event Control

–  1-800 Recall Hotlines for Customer Concerns/Brand Management

–  Rapid Business Recovery Expertise & Actions

• Crisis Management Plan Reviews

• On-Going Product Safety Information & Guideline Support

This webpage is issued as an aid to assist you & your client in the overall understanding of the Policy. This is not part of the insurance contract & confers no rights upon you or your client. This document does not amend, extend or alter the coverage afforded by the Policy. For a complete understanding of any insurance purchased read the policy, declarations page & any endorsements, & discuss with your broker. Actual terms & conditions may be amended by endorsement or affected by state laws and are subject to individual underwriting, certain coverage features may be restricted. Not intended to be a representation of coverage. See policy wording for details. All coverage features are still subject to individual underwriting and certain coverage features may be restricted. Copyright © 2014 PLIS®, Inc. and its licensors. All rights reserved.

About plisinc

PLIS, Inc.® - Underwriting Facilities has been providing superior customer service since 1983. While our products have evolved in an ever-changing market, providing outstanding service to our clients is still our core focus. PLIS, Inc. is a nationally recognized Lloyd's of London Correspondent holding multiple Non-Marine Binding Authorities with in-house underwriting and claims authority. PLIS is structured with product specialist teams for each of our programs. The interchangeability of these teams has allowed us to provide 28 years of outstanding service to our clients. By continuously expanding our services and knowledge, we are able to achieve an even greater level of service by educating our clients on the exposures and coverages available to address those exposures.
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