Biggest Food Borne Illness Event Since 1924!


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Listeria Outbreak – Cantaloupe Recall

 A major cantaloupe farmer had to recall their entire 2011 cantaloupe harvest including more than 300,000 cases distributed from July 29th through Sept. 10th across 25 states.

There were 146  ill persons reported, including 30 deaths and 1 miscarriage. Since then, the cantaloupe farmer has been trying to recover and restore their brand. They want their product vindicated and to dissolve the stigma around cantaloupes that has been noted as being the biggest food borne illness outbreak since 1924.

Do your clients have the capacity to deal with the loss of revenue (profits) and the extra expenses associated with this kind of event? 

 Recall Crisis Recovery (RCR) Policy is the solution!

This Recall Policy is Triggered from any of the Following:

  • Accidental Contamination
  • Malicious Contamination
  • Products Extortion

Policy Features:

  • Limits up to $5M
  • Reimbursement Coverage for Loss of Profits, Extra Expense, Crisis Management & Rehabilitation Expenses (Brand Restoration) 
  • Insured’s Customer’s Loss of Profits also available
  • and more…


Contact us today for more information on our Recall Coverage and speak directly to an underwriter!   

Do your clients have the proper resources and techniques to handle the onslaught of the media, customers and governmental agencies when there is a recall event?   


Included in this policy is a Nationally Ranked and Certified Crisis Management Team available 24/7 to assist in a recall crisis.  

Speak to live representatives on issues including prevention of media events, how to deal with governmental agencies,  guidance with making detrimental decisions and more! 

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PLIS, Inc.® - Underwriting Facilities has been providing superior customer service since 1983. While our products have evolved in an ever-changing market, providing outstanding service to our clients is still our core focus. PLIS, Inc. is a nationally recognized Lloyd's of London Correspondent holding multiple Non-Marine Binding Authorities with in-house underwriting and claims authority. PLIS is structured with product specialist teams for each of our programs. The interchangeability of these teams has allowed us to provide 28 years of outstanding service to our clients. By continuously expanding our services and knowledge, we are able to achieve an even greater level of service by educating our clients on the exposures and coverages available to address those exposures.
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