E&O Coverage Enhancements!


Errors & Omissions Coverage

PLIS, Inc. has been offering Errors and Omissions Coverage for over 12 years. The PLIS Errors & Omissions Policy includes the following coverage features at NO ADDITIONAL PREMIUM:

Supplemental Payments*

Pays up to $15,000 per policy period, and includes loss of Earnings (up to $500 per insured per day).

No deductible applies!

Disciplinary Proceedings*

Pays defense costs up to $10, 000 per policy period.  

No deductible applies!

Deductible Reduction/Credits* 

If a claim is settled without litigation, arbitration, mediation or court mandated proceedings, the deductible will be reduced by 75%!

If a claim is settled through mediation (other than court mandated mediation), the deductible paid will be reimbursed up to 50% 

SRM Logo 2010Insureds have free, unlimited telephone access to Specialty Risk Management, Inc. (SRM). SRM is a certified and experienced loss control consultant team, available to provide real time responses throughout the policy period relating to:

  • Client relations assistance
  • Company document review (Agreements, Contracts, Policies, Procedures, Disclaimer language)  
  • Loss control procedures for documentation and communication

*All terms, conditions, limits and coverage features are still subject to individual underwriting and certain coverage features may be restricted. This flyer does not amend, extend or alter any coverage afforded by any policy.  Not intended to be a representation of coverage or a guarantee of a quote or indication. See policy wording for details.  © Copyright 2012.  PLIS, Inc.®  All Rights Reserved.

About plisinc

PLIS, Inc.® - Underwriting Facilities has been providing superior customer service since 1983. While our products have evolved in an ever-changing market, providing outstanding service to our clients is still our core focus. PLIS, Inc. is a nationally recognized Lloyd's of London Correspondent holding multiple Non-Marine Binding Authorities with in-house underwriting and claims authority. PLIS is structured with product specialist teams for each of our programs. The interchangeability of these teams has allowed us to provide 28 years of outstanding service to our clients. By continuously expanding our services and knowledge, we are able to achieve an even greater level of service by educating our clients on the exposures and coverages available to address those exposures.
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